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Sep 18

Choose Off-Line Check Signing Solutions for Efficient and Secure Check Signing

September 18th, 2012 by

Wycom WySignBusinesses are in need of fast, yet secure, check signing solutions. Companies and organizations handle this process in various ways. The first is known as “on-line” check signing. This process involves a device or software application that signs the check during the check printing process.

The other method is referenced as “off-line” check signing. In the case, as detailed further below, checks are printed and then signed in a separate operation. We will discuss how many companies use this method to handle check signing with speed and efficiency.

In some cases, checks are still handled manually and are given to another person to hand- sign or use a mechanical check signer to complete the check signing process. Manually signing checks can be a very tedious process that wastes valuable time which could be better used completing other tasks such as reviewing check payments. In some instances, companies may even use a rubber stamp which is a huge security risk and heavily discouraged by auditors.

Advanced Technology for Securely Signing Checks

Today’s advanced technology has produced varied and better options for securely signing your checks once they have been printed. These solutions can be software or software\hardware based. Most will not only sign the check but provide a full audit log, signature background, color signatures and selective user options.

One of the most popular solutions is the Wycom WySign Check Signer. This solution is secure, fast and offers numerous benefits to help executives keep their business operating at optimal levels.

Benefits of Off-Line Check Signing Solutions

1. Fast Check Signatures– These solutions are only limited by the speed of the printer that will be signing the checks. Large organizations can automatically sign checks in less than an hour in most instances. This significantly streamlines the process and helps business owners use their time for mission critical applications rather than printing payroll checks every week.

2. Secure Check Signing Processes – You have no engraved signature plate to be lost or stolen as all signatures are digitized and encrypted. Only authorized people who log into the software and\or have access to the hardware will have access to the signing process.

3. Secure Hardware Control – Wycom WySign uses a secure USB key to store the check signing software and signatures. Hardware design plus user login controls ensure a secure check signing operation.

4. Color Versatility – Clients who use color printers to sign the checks can take advantage of color signature and even add a color background to the signature.

5. Flexible Document Signing – Check signing solutions will not only sign checks for busy professionals, but the off-line check signing solutions can also sign other documents. Busy professionals most often sign documents such as purchase orders and form letters. This is extremely beneficial to those who need to disseminate hundreds to thousands of signed documents on a frequent basis.

6. Saves Time and Money – Companies save time and money with automated check signing solutions. When executives don’t have to take hours to sign checks, they save money and can spend their time focusing on other tasks that are mission critical.

Wycom Check Signing Solutions are Recommended for All Types of Businesses

Wycom check signing solutions are fast and improve each business’s productivity. Business owners without a check signing solution are wasting valuable time and money. The fatigue placed on a business person signing checks is tremendous. Carpel tunnel syndrome may become a problem and other conditions related to fatigue may become a problem.

Instead of signing checks, consider a check signing solution. If you require an “on-line” check signing solution that will sign the checks at the same time they are printed, Wycom offers the Wycom Premier Check Signer for those applications. In any event we can securely eliminate manual check signing and increase your efficiency.

Progressive Business Systems carries a variety of high-quality and affordable check signing solutions, including the Wycom WySign. Visit to find the office products and supplies you need.


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