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Sep 25

Enhance Security and Save Time with the Wycom Laser Check Printing System

September 25th, 2012 by

Wycom Check PrinterYou are trying to run a successful business and automating key areas can make that happen. While you recognize the importance of introducing more automation to assembly lines and receiving departments, you can also automate aspects of your accounting operation. The Wycom Premier Laser Check Printing System is designed to simplify the task of printing checks, make reconciliations easier, provide tighter control, all while improving security and saving time.

Eliminate the Time Consuming Process of Printing Checks

With pre-printed checks, you have several chores waiting for you on payday or when it’s time to pay the vendors. Someone has to retrieve the checks from locked storage, and they have to be properly lined up in the printer. Failure to line them up right will result in wasted checks and time.

Once the checks are run, they have to be turned over to the appropriate manager for review and signatures. Even with a stamp, taking the time to sign every check is tedious. You have more important things to do with your time.

Automating this check printing process with a Wycom Laser Check Printing System provides several time-saving features. The person running the checks can activate the Wycom Premier and the checks will be printed onto secure blank check stock and signed in one operation. No misaligned checks, not checks printed with incorrect check numbers as can happen with pre-printed checks. The management team signing checks will now be free to continue focusing on income-generating tasks, so you can boost your bottom line.

Save Storage Space and Increase Check Security

A box of physical checks cannot just be put in the back storage room. It must be protected, and that means securing it in a special area. It might be a dedicated storage closet that can be locked, a file cabinet or another locked location. Regardless of where you store the blank checks, you are losing valuable storage space that could be used for something else.

The Wycom Laser Check Printing System requires very little space and it doesn’t have to be locked up tightly in a storage closet. Instead of saving space for pre-printed checks, you just need space for blank paper, and that won’t have to be secured, either. The system itself is secured with dual lock keys, so you can simplify the assignment of printing checks while maintaining security.

Additional Check Printing Security Features

You can increase your profit margins by eliminating shrinkage and theft wherever possible. When you invest in a Wycom Laser Check Printing System, you are making a choice that will provide you with extra security where your checks are concerned.  Without a stock of checks in a backroom, you won’t have to worry that someone might steal a check and have instant access to the bank account. These checks feature enhanced graphics that are harder to duplicate and impressive signature security features.

You can store everything you need for running checks in the Wycom Premier on an encrypted eprom. This includes signatures, company logos and check overlay forms. The system is secure, and that allows you to maintain tighter control over you checking system.  From blank secure check stock to a fully printed and signed check your Wycom Premier Laser Check Printing System is a one stop solution to secure automated laser check printing.

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