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Oct 18

Benefits of MICR Laser Check Printing

October 18th, 2012 by

Laser Check PrintingMany businesses today are still using both continuous form checks and pre-printed laser checks for check payments. However, there is a more secure solution that can solve both the printing as well as the signing of your check payments.

MICR Laser Check Printing Explained

MICR laser check printing eliminates pre-printed check stock forever! In this scenario you will use secure blank check stock and a laser printer equipped with MICR ink to create your check payments “as needed”! Your accounting software will send the variable check data such as payee, check date, check number and itemized payment descriptions for printing.

A MICR laser solution such as a Wycom Premier Laser Check Printing System will process this information and print it along with the check “overlay” that contains the graphical elements of the check such as the logo, address and the MICR line. In addition your checks can be automatically signed in the process!

Security Features of a MICR Laser Check Printer

MICR laser check printing does more than just save time in the office. MICR laser check printing curbs forging of signatures with a secure signature backgrounds around the signature and graphical amount lines that thwart amount alterations. In addition, the automatic check signing can be limited by the dollar amount that you choose. This will ensure that no check is signed over the dollar amount that you define.

One other great security feature is that no check will exist until the check printing request is made! No more check stock to secure and store. Also, since the check number prints during the process you can be assured that your check numbers will stay in proper sequence.

The blank secure check stock used in MICR laser printing is just that—secure! With secure pantographs to prevent copies of printed checks and special paper features such as micro-printing and watermarks your check printing process will be very secure!

Continuous Form Checks – No more

In most instances our solutions can convert your legacy dot matrix continuous form check printing into secure MICR laser check printing and never have to ask your programmer to make a change! We will convert the data on the fly and you will be laser printing your checks in not time at all!

Creates Instant Digital Copies of Every Check for Security

Another great advantage of laser check printers is that they instantly secure check payment and can also retain a .pdf copy of each check that is disbursed. This feature helps you to keep track of every check and have copies to prove the amounts in case of a later discrepancy.

Clearly, laser check printing is the ideal business solution for printing checks, saving time in the workplace and eliminating check fraud. It is a much better solution than using pre-printed checks or manually writing checks.

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