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Mar 10

Increase Security and Efficiency with Wycom MICR Laser Check Printing

March 10th, 2014 by

Pre Printed Check TheftLaser printing checks using blank security check stock can reduce the risk of fraud for a company. In addition, printing checks using blank stock can save time, increase security and make the workplace more efficient.

A Wycom Enterprise  MICR laser check printing system can be a significant investment for a business, but it is something that can pay off in a number of different ways over time. Here are some key ways to improve your business a leader in the industry, such as Wycom.

Eliminate the Possibility of Blank Checks

One of the biggest risks a company can take is having boxes of blank checks. Even if you think that they are stored somewhere safe and secure, the reality is that it is an unnecessary risk to take.

Using a MICR laser check printing system ensures ONLY checks that are sent from the accounting system will ever be printed. Checks are never produced with your company’s name unless the amount, signature and recipient are printed from your accounting system.  Eliminating pre-printed checks can go a long way in reducing even the possibility of check fraud for your company.

Standard Signatures on Every Check

When checks are routinely signed by hand, the validity of a signature can be called into question. This is made even more difficult when multiple people within the company are allowed to sign checks. Automated signing ensures signatures are securely applied to your printed checks.  Signatures can even be “suppressed” at a pre-determined amount to ensure large dollar checks can me reviewed and manually signed.  

Simplified Record-Keeping and Accounting

By using a Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System, tracking signed checks will be a much simpler process for the accounting department of any business. Rather than worrying about losing a copy of the check or not being able to remember the amount, non-negotiable check copies of each check can be stored for quick reference.

Graphics Eliminate the Potential for Alterations or Forging

You can increase security for a business is by adding graphics around signatures, reverse print amount lines and textual protected amount lines. With these customized graphics in place, it is very difficult for anyone to alter the amounts or the payee on the check, which can reduce forgery and check fraud.

Speed Up the Check-Writing Process

Finally, it is important to remember that a Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System is an ideal way to make your office more efficient. Rather than writing out checks by hand, filling out orders for new checkbooks and finding the right people to sign each individual check, businesses can print out completed checks in seconds and save quite a lot of time, effort and money.

The right Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System has the potential to help any business or organization increase security and efficiency as well as reduce fraud. Progressive Business Systems, PBS, works with businesses to provide check printing solutions and other office equipment products. Contact them today to discuss your needs.