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Mar 20

Know How Secure MICR Laser Check Printing Protects Your Business

March 20th, 2014 by

Laser Check PrinterThe use of checks in your company’s operations can create many challenges for you, your staff and those with whom you conduct business. While there are many ways to limit your need for checks, there are times when a check is the most efficient instrument for transferring funds.

With secure check printing, you can build important safeguards into your financial management and activities to limit misunderstanding and loss. Find laser check printer options here.

Protect Your Organization By Lowering the Risk of Check Theft

Pre-printed checks can lead to both large and small problems in the business world. For example, ordering your checks can lead to an overabundance or a lack of a sufficient supply. An excess of checks on hand can result in the risk of theft, making it important to monitor your inventory carefully. Slow arrival of a new order can leave you without the needed checks for unexpected payments.

With secure MICR laser check printing, you can keep an ample supply of secure blank check stock on hand, so that you only print your checks as needed. Whereas your inventory of pre-printed checks can become obsolete in the face of a move or account change, your secure blank stock is always relevant.

Finding a laser check printing system that will complete all fields, including signatures and MICR numbers, ensures that every document is created with careful customization. This limits the potential for check alteration and forgeries, two of the leading avenues of check fraud.

This type of system also limits your exposure to check tampering. With protected graphic features for signature and amount lines, manual changes are difficult. A backup of non-negotiable .PDF digital copies of checks generated by your system ensures that you can provide a comparison to your bank as needed.

Reduce The Temptation of Check Theft

A secure MICR Laser check generation system is also an important protection for you and your company. Blank check stock is less tempting for those who might consider theft.

Secure signing equipment and software limits the circle of individuals able to access the system. Your company benefits from less potential for check fraud and theft.

Protect Those Receiving Your Checks

High-quality check creation is essential in limiting the potential for your customers or business associates to experience problems when cashing or depositing received checks. A check that has faint printing, for example, can create delays in acceptance.

Inconsistencies in printing can lead to unexpected hassles for the recipients as a bank takes reasonable steps to avoid processing a fraudulent item. As you use a high-quality MICR laser check printing system, your checks will be easier for banks to read and process.

Although electronic fraud tends to dominate the news, checks still create a great deal of risk for companies. With the right printing equipment and system, you can reduce these risks in your organization.

Progressive Business Systems, PBS, is a leading provider of office equipment, including secure check printing solutions. Contact them today to discuss your equipment needs.

Mar 17

3 Factors to Consider in Selecting a Currency Counter

March 17th, 2014 by

Bank Currency CounterWhether your company manages extensive amounts of currency on a regular basis or experiences occasional bursts of cash management issues, it’s important to invest in reliable equipment for mechanical counting needs. The right currency counter can save you time while limiting your risk of errors, making it a good investment for long-term use. Additionally, it’s helpful to look for systems that will prevent loss from the processing of counterfeit bills.

Accuracy Is of Utmost Importance in Cash Counting Equipment

No matter how often you use your system, you need to know that it will produce reliable results. Review your currency counter options for those that can provide reliable results on a consistent basis.

Counterfeit detection is helpful for ensuring that bad bills are pulled from your batch. The quality of the feeding system is important for limiting the potential for multiple bills to move through at one time.

Calculating the Volume of Counting

Selection of a system may be based on the level of currency counting expected in your business. You may be surprised to find that a higher speed for bill counting doesn’t automatically indicate a higher price for your equipment. Evaluate different brands to find one that fits your budget and your needs.

You’ll find that many high-capacity systems are available for environments that experience a significant flow of currency. However, your small business or non-profit company may be easily served by a low-volume counter with convenient features and lower pricing.

User-Friendly Machine Features for Ease of Operation

A system that is easy-to-use will provide long-term benefits. For example, the ability to stop in the middle of a count is important if your staffing is limited. You can count on correct results in spite of interruptions.

The ability to pre-program your unit to stop at a certain number of bills can also be convenient for sorting and other organizational needs. Easy programming is important for limiting the risk of user errors and confusion.

Automatic start and stop functions can also be helpful in limiting hands-on time for your employees. Also evaluate noise-related information about a system if it will be used in an environment in which noisy operation could attract unwanted attention to the system.

There are numerous currency counting systems available, making it possible to easily find a unit to fit your business needs and your budget. Accuracy, processing ability and user experience information will help you in selecting the best choices for your setting. As you explore the options, look for equipment guarantees and support services that will provide an extra level of assurance.

Progressive Business Systems, PBS, offers a wide range of currency counting solutions including those Semacon, Laurel and Magner. Contact them today to discuss your cash management needs and find the right system for you at an affordable price.

Mar 12

3 Ways to Improve Cash Handling in Any Business

March 12th, 2014 by

Cash CountingWhether for a retail business that makes regular cash sales or a smaller firm that only occasionally deals with cash, the handling process is often fraught with problems. Simple miscalculations between the employee and the customer can result in loss of money or simply confusion, and inaccurate tracking of incoming and outgoing funds may create an environment conducive to theft.

Thankfully, equipment and ideas can be implemented into any setting to create a more efficient cash handling process for each and every sale. Here are four ways better the process of cash handling in any size business.

Prevent Counterfeit Money From Exchanging Hands

Perhaps the first thing that any business that deals with cash should be doing is ensuring that counterfeit money never makes it to or through their hands. There is a double risk in this respect as companies don’t want to receive counterfeit bills, but they also don’t want to be handing them back to customers as real currency.

Unfortunately, the Secret Service states that counterfeiting currency has long been a problem in America, and up to one-third of the currency in circulation during the Civil War was false. One of the best lines of defense against fake currency is to invest in a counterfeit money detector that can quickly determine the nature of a bill.

Use Coin Sorters and Currency Counters to Save Time

Another key in any enterprise that handles cash is making the transaction as quick as possible. Whether collecting cash from a supplier for a payment or taking a lot of received cash to the bank, employees should have a quick way to count bills and coins efficiently. Both coin sorters and currency counters for bills are certainly an upfront investment, but they typically earn back their value in saved employee time.

Hold Employees Responsible – To a Point

While equipment for handling cash can make a big difference, employees should still be held responsible for counting any cash and dealing with it appropriately. While no employee can be expected to complete hundreds of cash transactions each day and come within a penny of the total amount, set up a system that holds them accountable. Doing so almost universally reduces miscalculations and encourages staff to take notice of each coin and bill they handle throughout the day.

Most businesses need an effective and safe way to handle cash that protects the company, the employee and the customer. These three ways are just some of the methods that can be used to reduce problems when handling cash.

Progressive Business Systems, PBS, has been supplying cash handling solutions to businesses, schools and financial institutions since 1988. Contact them today to discuss the right equipment for your needs to eliminate the manual task of handling cash at your business.


Mar 10

Increase Security and Efficiency with Wycom MICR Laser Check Printing

March 10th, 2014 by

Pre Printed Check TheftLaser printing checks using blank security check stock can reduce the risk of fraud for a company. In addition, printing checks using blank stock can save time, increase security and make the workplace more efficient.

A Wycom Enterprise  MICR laser check printing system can be a significant investment for a business, but it is something that can pay off in a number of different ways over time. Here are some key ways to improve your business a leader in the industry, such as Wycom.

Eliminate the Possibility of Blank Checks

One of the biggest risks a company can take is having boxes of blank checks. Even if you think that they are stored somewhere safe and secure, the reality is that it is an unnecessary risk to take.

Using a MICR laser check printing system ensures ONLY checks that are sent from the accounting system will ever be printed. Checks are never produced with your company’s name unless the amount, signature and recipient are printed from your accounting system.  Eliminating pre-printed checks can go a long way in reducing even the possibility of check fraud for your company.

Standard Signatures on Every Check

When checks are routinely signed by hand, the validity of a signature can be called into question. This is made even more difficult when multiple people within the company are allowed to sign checks. Automated signing ensures signatures are securely applied to your printed checks.  Signatures can even be “suppressed” at a pre-determined amount to ensure large dollar checks can me reviewed and manually signed.  

Simplified Record-Keeping and Accounting

By using a Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System, tracking signed checks will be a much simpler process for the accounting department of any business. Rather than worrying about losing a copy of the check or not being able to remember the amount, non-negotiable check copies of each check can be stored for quick reference.

Graphics Eliminate the Potential for Alterations or Forging

You can increase security for a business is by adding graphics around signatures, reverse print amount lines and textual protected amount lines. With these customized graphics in place, it is very difficult for anyone to alter the amounts or the payee on the check, which can reduce forgery and check fraud.

Speed Up the Check-Writing Process

Finally, it is important to remember that a Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System is an ideal way to make your office more efficient. Rather than writing out checks by hand, filling out orders for new checkbooks and finding the right people to sign each individual check, businesses can print out completed checks in seconds and save quite a lot of time, effort and money.

The right Wycom Enterprise MICR Laser Check Printing System has the potential to help any business or organization increase security and efficiency as well as reduce fraud. Progressive Business Systems, PBS, works with businesses to provide check printing solutions and other office equipment products. Contact them today to discuss your needs.

Feb 26

Important Considerations in Buying an Automatic Paper Folder

February 26th, 2014 by

Automatic Paper FolderPaper-folding tasks in professional settings can be varied, but a common concern is the time and cost associated with manual folding. As the need for folding increases, it may become beneficial to consider the introduction of an automatic paper folder into your office to streamline your operations.

There are some important points to consider as you decide whether to invest in a mechanical system and explore various models. Whether you have an ample budget for office equipment or you need to spend carefully as you select equipment to enhance your business productivity.

Savings Sources with Mechanical Paper Folders

One of the most obvious points of savings with an automatic folding unit is labor costs. Machines can process high volumes of material in short periods of time, eliminating hours of manual activity and related labor costs.

It’s also helpful to recognize more subtle savings. Manual folding can be imprecise, leading to waste through damaged paperwork. A mechanical folding system is excellent for obtaining perfect folds that allow your printed materials to reflect your professionalism.

Machine Performance Matters

Every organization has unique needs and there are both simple and complex folding systems to consider accordingly. While some folding units are capable of only basic configurations like half folds and letter folds, others provide many additional configurations.

It’s also possible to find folding machines that can seal documents, making them ready for mailing without the need for envelopes. A small organization may only require intermittent use of a mechanical folding unit. A large or growing organization may need daily folding of high volumes of documents, newsletters or mailers.

Systems that accept different types of paper can increase versatility as you produce various types of documents, flyers and brochures. Units that alert you to paper jams or other issues can save time and frustration. Systems that are easily maintained limit your need for professional servicing of your equipment. It’s also helpful to consider the size of a unit based on the space available in your office.

Selecting The Best Folder For Your Needs

It’s helpful to balance your current needs with your future plans as you invest in a paper-folding unit. If you expect your volume of folding to be limited throughout your years of operation, a basic unit may provide just the right management solutions.

If you aspire to increased activity in your organization, a system with greater versatility may prove to be a good investment. Forward thinking is helpful for ensuring that you get the most out of your paper-folding equipment over time. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a variety of automatic paper folders to consider.

Progressive Business Systems, PBS, is a leader in providing office equipment to businesses and organizations at competitive pricing. Contact them today to learn more about their complete line of automatic paper folding solutions.



Feb 24

What Kobra Paper Shredder Will Work Best For Your Business

February 24th, 2014 by

Shredded DocumentsThere are many issues to think about as you invest in the right paper shredding equipment for your office. You may want to focus on a high-volume system to ensure that you can manage documents quickly and easily. You may be concerned about the level of security provided in a document destruction unit. Office space and budget can also factor into your decision.

You’ll appreciate the fact that no matter what your specific needs may be, there is a Kobra paper shredder to provide the performance desired.

Budget Concerns and Shredding Solutions

Kobra units are available in a wide range of prices, excellent for accommodating both large and small budgets. Pricing tends to correlate to the level of security, potential productivity and capacity of a unit.

You’ll find numerous strip cut systems in lower price ranges, perfect for your minimal security shredding needs. You’ll find high-security units at the upper end of the pricing spectrum if you need a solution for extremely sensitive materials. In between, there are many strip and cross-cut shredders to evaluate for your setting.

Matching a Paper Shredder to Your Office Configuration

If your company operates in a small space, you may not be able to fit a larger unit into your work environment. In a setting that experiences a high volume of paperwork that needs to be destroyed, however, a larger unit may fit perfectly.

You can consider small Kobra shredders as well as large units that are matched to your current document needs and available space. Additionally, you can consider units with wheels, excellent for adapting your shredding activity to different locations in your place of business.

Selecting a Shredder that Addresses Your Security Needs

In some scenarios, a company’s primary need in paper shredding is management of excess or obsolete materials. In other cases, sensitive financial, medical or contractual information may be included in your shredding plans. You can select simple shredders for basic document destruction, or you can opt for advanced units like the Kobra Cyclone shredding system, which is noted for its efficiency, high volume of shredding and low noise levels.

Progressive Business Systems, PBS, has a complete line of shredders to fit every need. Take time to list your priorities as you look for a Kobra paper shredder and contact PBS today to find the right shredder for your business.



Feb 5

Curb Business Losses with a Counterfeit Money Detector

February 5th, 2014 by

Counterfeit Money DectectorsThe undermining of a currency can have a serious impact on a business, especially if it operates with a heavy flow of cash. There are many methods for limiting your exposure to loss from the use of counterfeit bills, but as currency designs are changed, it’s important to keep up with advances in counterfeit detection.

A counterfeit money detector is an excellent choice for a business that sees numerous bills flow through its tills.

Currency Issues in History

It may be helpful to realize that counterfeiting isn’t a new concern; many features of today’s money are designed based on some of the oldest examples of dishonest currency handling. For example, the reeded edges on quarters, dimes, half-dollars and silver dollars are in place because of an old practice known as clipping. Coins composed of precious metal were once subject to the practice of shaving the outside edges and using the clipped metal to create new coins.

With today’s bank notes, printers and various technologies can threaten modern currencies. However, counterfeit detection machines can assist in culling out the bad bills.

Is Counterfeiting Rampant?

One of the main tasks at hand when the Secret Service was founded was the need to deal with counterfeiting problems. As much as half of the United States’ currency was estimated to be counterfeit in 1865.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, as of 2001, the nation’s circulating currency was 99.99 percent authentic. While this may seem like a great result, it is important to note that an estimated $60 million in bills may still be counterfeit. This can be significant for a small business because just a few bad bills can create serious losses.

Protecting Your Company from Counterfeit Currency

It may seem challenging to keep up with the many changes in bill design. However, you should be aware of new releases so that you are ready to evaluate unfamiliar incoming bills. It’s also wise to consider investing in a counterfeit cash detector that can be programmed to adapt to changing currency designs. A variety of cash handling solutions, including counterfeit detection machines, are available online to help companies minimize fraud and maximize profits.

Progressive Business Systems (PBS) has been providing businesses and financial institutions with reliable and affordable office equipment for more than 25 years. Contact them today to discuss counterfeit detectors or other equipment needs.

Jan 31

Which Secap Folder Inserter Features Are Right for Your Office?

January 31st, 2014 by

Secap Folder InserterHands-on work in your office can be draining on your employees as project sizes increase. They can also tap into your budget by requiring many hours of manual work, taking your employees’ attention away from other projects while providing a setting for potential errors and waste.

A Secap folder inserter may be an excellent solution for your business as your paper management issues expand. The line of machines addresses a broad range of office settings and issues, making it possible to limit loss and increase productivity as you select the best system for your organization.

Multiple Uses Provide Excellent Value

The most basic folder inserters from Secap allow you to either fold or fold and insert, making it possible to use the same piece of equipment for both mailing and non-mailing projects. More advanced systems facilitate folding and insertion projects involving various envelope sizes and configurations. Additionally, such advanced units allow for handling of varied materials ranging from small slips to booklets.

Programming Saves Setup Time

A folding and inserting unit can also streamline your efforts by allowing you to store common projects. While limited usage of your system may be simple enough to set up each time you are ready to proceed, a programmable unit that will save jobs makes it possible to get an ongoing project completed with minimal room for errors and minimal hands-on time. 

Features that Limit Potential for Errors

It is important to evaluate a program prior to initiating a large job. This will ensure that time and money aren’t wasted through incorrect actions. Testing capabilities make it possible to verify the accuracy of programming. Intuitive programming features are also important for ensuring that details are accurately included in a project. 

Finding a Unit that Handles Your Volume

If your need for folding and inserting is occasional, you may want to focus on less complex units from Secap. Low-speed capacities begin at approximately 900 pieces per hour, and advanced systems provide the ability to process more than 5,000 pieces in an hour.

Your Equipment Footprint

A final consideration in selecting a folding and inserting unit is the available space for setting up your equipment. Advanced systems may require a significant amount of space while less intricate units may be ideal for small office spaces.

As you look for the right Secap folder inserter, it will be important to find a balance based on each of these interests along with your budget. The right system can help you to be more productive as you avoid common equipment problems. You can explore the options available at Progressive Business Systems to determine which will meet your current and future needs.



Jan 23

Small Business Benefits with a Commercial-Grade Paper Shredder

January 23rd, 2014 by

Commercial Paper ShreddersThe ability to quickly and efficiently handle the paper shredding needs of your small business can be liberating. When you are trying to keep your operating activities and costs streamlined, it may seem sensible to opt for a personal shredding system rather than a heavy-duty paper shredder. However, you’ll find that there are affordable and efficient solutions in commercial-grade paper shredders to help you save time and keep your office organized.

Investing in Durable Equipment

Whether you consistently complete document shredding tasks or whether you wait until a mountain of obsolete documents has amassed, you may find that a personal, smaller paper shredding system fails to match your needs. Weak motors don’t last long, but with a commercial shredding unit, you can count on steady performance during a marathon shredding session. See Destroyit shredder options here.

An industrial unit can more effectively handle non-paper products like CDs, credit cards or unopened junk mail, and you don’t have to worry about jamming the system or burning up the motor as you move through a large pile of materials. Excessive use often voids the warranties on personal units, but commercial equipment is designed for such activity. See Kobra shredder options here.

Save Time on Paper Shredding Tasks

This type of shredder saves time because of its industrial construction. Cool-down periods for personal shredders can delay completion of a large-scale organizing project, but a commercial unit allows you to keep going until the task is complete.

The ability to handle more pages at a time and to withstand the movement of staples and paper clips through the teeth means that you can save time on separating, staple removal and paper clip retrieval. Every step that you can eliminate is an investment in being able to use your time more productively.

Shredding Equipment to Match Management Styles

Some business owners quickly address unneeded paperwork, depositing it immediately into a shredder. Others tend to set these materials aside, completing shredding tasks as large quantities of materials accumulate. A commercial paper shredder accommodates a wide variety of document management styles without compromising the quality of document destruction or the performance of the unit.

Affordability in High Capacity Shredders

One of the most important considerations in deciding on a commercial shredder is the cost. While some units can be very expensive, it’s possible to find commercial-quality equipment at pricing similar to most personal shredders. Many individuals find that personal equipment wears out after just a year or two of service. The long-term prospects for a heavy-duty unit make it worthwhile to consider the extra cost as an investment in savings down the road.

Commercial paper shredding equipment is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you need the security provided by a crosscut unit or a unit that can handle high-volume shredding jobs, commercial quality is available to match your needs, available office space and equipment budget.

Contact Progressive Business Systems (PBS) to discuss your paper shredding equipment requirements. PBS offers a wide range of Destroyit and Kobra paper shredding systems and support.


Jan 21

An Automatic Coin Sorter to Grow with Your Business

January 21st, 2014 by

Coin SorterIf your growing business is seeing an increase in its handling of coins, it may be time to consider a high-quality mechanical processing option. An automatic coin sorter enables you to count and process your coins quickly and accurately, saving your employees from a mundane task while freeing them up for more important activities.

As you research the models available, it’s helpful to watch for some key factors so that your selection will provide many years of excellent use.

Practical Processing Designs of a Sorter

Your automatic coin sorter should be practical in design, offering functions that work into the potential situations that you will face in the normal course of business. For example, interruptions shouldn’t nullify your count. A system that allows for batch stops makes it possible for you to handle other tasks without losing control of your coin count.

Similarly, a pause due to a full bag or tube enables you to deal quickly with that set of coins, replacing the full package for continued counting. Flexible batching is ideal if you deal with many different types of coins. Fast processing is important as your volume increases. Simultaneous denomination sorting makes it possible to move through more coins in a shorter time.

Office Equipment Suitable to Operations and Available Space

Your selection of a coin processing system is also contingent on your available space and office operations. A compact design, such as those offered by Semacon, is especially important if your business operates in a small office or has limited available space for additional equipment.

Most businesses have specific needs around coin counting and sorting such as batching by denomination, cash management for totals and end of shift balancing. Invest in a piece of equipment that meets your exact needs to increase efficiency and eliminate human error.

Added Documentation Through Printing Options

The ability to monitor money-handling in your business ensures an extra level of financial protection. The integration of a printer with your coin sorting system can be a huge help, allowing you to verify the packaged coins by reviewing totals during or after processing. Printed information about batch levels makes it possible to pinpoint inconsistencies.

It is also beneficial to look for equipment with system safeguards against power disruptions. This provides and additional level of defense against loss of information through accidental or deliberate outages.

Invest in Durable Machines

A reliable coin management machine should be built to last. Quality equipment features should limit the potential for jamming or overheating. Controls should be easy to use and durable enough to stand up to years of action.

Whether you are involved in fundraising, banking or retail sales, your need to add a coin sorting system or to replace an existing unit should be addressed with a machine that will make your job easier and more precise. As you take advantage of accountability features and practical system operations, you can free yourself and your team to focus more on other areas of your company’s activities.

Progressive Business Systems (PBS) has many solutions for your cash handling needs including those by industry-leader Semacon. Contact PBS today for all of your office equipment needs.