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Jul 28

Discover the Perks of a Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

July 28th, 2014 by

Wycom Enterprise Check SignerHaving pre-printed checks floating around an office can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Employees or even outside criminals could steal these checks, forge signatures and withdraw large amounts of a company’s money. No less serious is the potential for valid check recipients to alter the check’s amount, which also results in a loss for the business. A simple solution that eliminates the potential for check fraud while simultaneously making the workplace more productive is Wycom’s Enterprise Check Signer, which can securely sign checks as and when they are printed.

Use Printers Already in the Office

One of the best things about using a Wycom check signing device or program is that it can be compatible with a range of printers already in use. If you already have check printers or laser printers for the business, they can be utilized immediately. This is a big contrast to some check signer systems that require businesses to invest in both printers and signers that are only compatible with one another. In both the long and short-term, a Wycom system could be a smart and savvy way to save the company money. Plus, there won’t be the need for company-wide training on new printers.

Archive Signed Checks Instantly for Future Reference

Every time a check is signed, the check signing system from Wycom archives a picture of the check itself, any text included, the signature and the amount. Having irrefutable proof of the intended check is the number one way to combat internal check fraud. If someone tries to forge either the payee or the amount, you will be able to recognize that immediately, preventing long-term theft or check fraud. Archived images can be sent to business executives, human resources managers or payroll specialists depending on who needs access to the information.

Limit Employee Access as Necessary

One of the major perks of a Wycom Enterprise system is that you can program it to only allow certain employees access. While you might want everyone in the accounting department to be able to write and sign checks at a moment’s notice for payroll, it won’t be accessible to entry-level employee without a need for access. A strict username and password log in with an access audit log ensures that only the right people have the control over creating and signing checks, and these people are the ones entrusted to get the job done effectively. This can bring about peace of mind to business managers or those who normally worry about opportunistic employee theft and fraud, two big concerns in many companies

Never Again Sign a Blank Check

The biggest reason to invest in checking signers and check printers is to eliminate pre-printed check stock. Being able to print checks only when needed, and sign them only when appropriate, is absolutely worth the investment for most large and small businesses.  Our Wycom Enterprise solution can be custom programmed for your specific check printing and check signing needs. To update your office’s payment system, increase productivity and help combat check  fraud, consider a Wycom solutions today.  Click here for more information on check signers and printers as well as how to pick the right one for your business. Progressive Business Systems is a leading provider of Wycom Systems and other top brand office equipment solutions. Contact them today to learn more about how you can find options to increase the efficiency and security of your business operations.

Jan 15

Customization and Security in the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

January 15th, 2014 by

Whether you are working at growing your small business or trying to improve the security of financial issues in your large corporation, a reliable check signer can play a significant role in safely streamlining financial tasks. The Wycom Enterprise Check Signer is a tool that can grow with your company, adapting based on restrictions designated by you, to limit your exposure to the potential for check fraud.

This check signer completely eliminates the use of keys, allowing you to access the check signing and check printing functionalities easily and securely with a username and password. With processing speeds up to 20 times faster than other systems, you drastically increase the efficiency of your office around this task.

The Check Signer That Addresses Common Security Concerns

The Wycom Enterprise Check Signer can be programmed to restrict signing functions when set amounts are exceeded, making a manual review and personal signature necessary. This protection ensures that major errors are caught and that unauthorized payments aren’t made. Furthermore, multiple signature checks can be limited so that each signature will only print within certain limits. This allows for a more extensive review with checks of greater value.

You can also limit access to each account on a user by user basis. This will allow you to control who can print checks from specific accounts.

Check Signing Compatibility with Accounting Programs and Printers

In addition to being able to tailor your check signing based on chosen parameters, the Wycom secure signer is compatible with various accounting programs and printers. You can work with pre-printed checks by using the Wycom software to simply fill in details and signatures.

You can also use the system to print all check details, logos, MICR lines and check graphics on secure blank check stock. Whether you are working with a dot matrix, line matrix or laser printer, your signer will interface appropriately.

Affordably Keep Pace with Advances in Technology With a Scalable Check Signer

As your accounting decisions and choices adapt to your company needs, you can count on system compatibility with the Enterprise system. Support services for your Wycom signer ensure that it can be reprogrammed to work with a new accounting application as needed. Additionally, with a single system, you can purchase multiple printing licenses to allow for expansion. Your growing company can keep up with increasing activities without the need to increase your system equipment.

System customization and security are critical factors in today’s corporate environment. Wycom has long been an industry leader in technology-based checking solutions and the Enterprise is another in its proven line of systems.

Progressive Business Systems (PBS) is a Wycom industry partner and leading provider of office equipment to businesses and financial institutions. Contact them today to find out more about how the Wycom Enterprise Check Signer can benefit you.


Sep 26

Protect Yourself and Your Customer with Secure Office Equipment

September 26th, 2013 by

Counterfeit MoneyTechnology can enhance your business through efficiency and expanded service options. However, it’s important to consider office equipment with security features to ensure that you don’t expose your organization or your customers to fraud issues.

There are many tools for enhanced office security, and your needs will be determined by the type and volume of your business.

Money Handling and Detecting Counterfeit Bills

Checking bills for authenticity can seem pretty straightforward. However, just as bills are continually being changed for more secure handling, those bent on dishonest activities are making use of more sophisticated technology in their efforts. Counterfeit money detectors provide useful assistance to businesses that handle a lot of bills.

Modern bill checkers are designed to measure the size and weight of a bill. They check for magnetic features, infrared images and ink properties as well. Fast processing times make it possible to quickly check many bills if needed, and suspected counterfeit bills are separated from a batch with an accompanying alarm sounding to bring the issue to your attention. Click here to find cash handling options for your business.

Secure Check Signing Equipment

The management of business funds can also be affected by the improper signing of checks. With a secure check signer, it’s possible to create parameters that permit or prohibit check signing. For example, the most advance signing systems are designed to only work with your company accounting system and software. You are able to monitor the number of checks signed with non-resettable counters. Preset limits make it possible to print, but not sign, checks that exceed a given amount. Protection against forgery and alteration ensures that both you and your customers are guarded against fraud.

Careful Document Disposal

One of the most important ways to protect your company and its customers against fraud is to guard account materials. Document destruction can be handled with a variety of shredding systems, but more sensitive information should be handled with options like cross-cut shredders or disintegrators. It takes very little personal information for a compromise in personal or business finances to take place, and it’s imperative that documents that are no longer needed are handled with careful security measures.

Office Equipment Training

Although equipment is beneficial to improving your security measures, it’s always important to provide hands-on training to those who must use your specialized equipment. Demonstrations from equipment marketers can provide an opportunity for question and answer sessions to address specific concerns. Additionally, ongoing reviews and training refreshers can keep your employees updated on the latest issues and developments in your industry.

Watch for equipment choices that will provide long-term benefits to you and your customers. As your company succeeds in providing a secure environment for working with customers and clients, you may find opportunities to grow. Make it a priority to protect the personal information and financial resources of your customers at all times. Also, keep in focus the impact on your employees when you use office equipment with security features.

Contact Progressive Business Systems to find the right office equipment for your needs. Staff will answer all of your questions concerning the security features available to you.


Sep 19

Check Fraud Prevention for Today’s Businesses

September 19th, 2013 by

Unfortunately, check fraud is a major concern for many businesses. Whatever the size of your company or the amount in your business account, you need to be vigilant in order to prevent check fraud.

Thieves and even employees can forge signatures and write false checks, alter check information using chemicals, fabricate entirely new checks and even steal checks out of mailboxes to recreate later. Thankfully, these tips help secure your business checks and eliminate fraud, forgery or theft.

Track and Secure Your Checks

Although those with the right knowledge and equipment can manufacture entire checks to replicate those belonging to your business, they usually need to have a physical check to start from. Because of this, you should be vigilant about the checks you order, create or use.

If you still order checks in bulk for your business, track them as they ship and notify the issuer if they are delayed. Once they arrive, keep even blank checks in a secure location. Make sure that someone in the accounting or financial department knows where every single check has gone and can vouch for its recipient having received it.

Invest in MICR Check Encoders

MICR is an unknown acronym to many people, and it stands for magnetic ink character recognition. Even if you are not aware of it, the MICR is what identifies checks and allows you them to be recognized as genuine rather than forgeries.

MICR check encoders fill in all of the necessary information on payroll checks or checks for your suppliers, which means that staff don’t have to write out names, check numbers or amounts by hand. This can eliminate a lot of fraud, and it is another way for fake checks to be identified by the bank or by your business.

Limit the Number of Check Signers or Purchase Equipment to Do So

In most businesses, not just any employee can sign a check. There are typically a handful of people in accounting or upper management who are authorized to sign checks and the smaller that number the better. With just one or two people authorized to sign checks, you can more easily spot forged signatures or discrepancies. Secure check signing equipment is the best way to prevent any confusion about the legitimacy of a signature, and it is a solid investment for a company of any size.

Never Leave Check Lines Blank

This might seem obvious, but there are many well-intentioned business owners and managers who give signed checks with blank payee or amount lines to suppliers or clients to fill in later. A protected check amount line is important, and you should take care to fill in these lines carefully with no extra room for adding in digits.

Check fraud can cripple a business. Owners are wise to invest in the latest check fraud deterrent technologies and software that will protect their assets. Contact Progressive Business Systems to find solutions to prevent check fraud in your company.


Jul 30

Huge Benefits In Wycom On-Line Check Signers

July 30th, 2013 by

Electronic Signature On-line check signers  offer an effective business solution that does away with the need for rubber stamps, signature plates, and form signers. It’s time to get rid of old-fashioned mechanical check signing equipment and update your office with Wycom.

Top-Notch Features Mean Added Security

Optional backgrounds and signature titles are available that highly discourage forging and alterations. An internal flash stores signatures and programming information for safe keeping. This vital information is never kept on your computer or network. In addition our secure graphic amount line creates a graphical image with microtext to further protect your check amounts!

Check security has never been easier. Dual locks give check signing authorization to two separate individuals. Dual key security means that no checks can be issued without proper approval by authorized individuals with keys that are included with your Wycom check signer.

Additional Security Features for Your Protection

More security is provided when you determine the maximum dollar amount of checks that can be issued. Anything over that amount won’t be signed. This means that only certain dollar amounts will receive automatic signatures. You also have the option to print checks without a signature.

Any checks that do not have the required number of signatures, up to three, or that exceed your predetermined dollar amount can be reviewed by management for approval and manual signing. If you have chosen to use two signatures for check signing, one or both signatures can be suppressed based on two different dollar amounts.

It’s Easy to Use a Wycom System

Wycom software connects to a local desktop computer or directly to a network and your printer. Wycom on-line check signers easily interface with computer systems and most dot matrix printers and laser printers. You don’t have to make any changes to your software programs and installation is a quick and efficient process.

Upgrade your system to our full MICR check printing and eliminate check stock forever! The Wycom solution will laser print your entire check including banking information and signatures onto secure blank check stock. It takes just a single pass directly from your printer to automatically print checks and sign them.

In the unforeseen event that your computer system crashes, manual checks can be produced to ensure that you won’t lose productivity.

Check signing and MICR check printing systems by Wycom deliver peace of mind by providing a complete and secure check disbursement process using your current accounting software!

The ordering process is simple and expedient. You can enjoy your Wycom system within 14 days after placing an order. Qualified staff will assist with your pre-sale questions and installation. Ask about our free trial offer so that you can experience the benefits of using a Wycom on-line check signing system.


Jan 22

Adding Security to Your Business with an Affordable Wycom WySign Off-Line Laser Check Signer

January 22nd, 2013 by

Wycom WySignFor most business owners, time management is the most challenging aspect of owning and operating a business. Although it’s natural to want to devote every minute to making your business a success, taking a moment to consider the benefits of organizing time more effectively can free up time to focus on priorities like improving your company’s security.

Better time management can make your business more secure as well. The off-line laser check signer – Wycom WySign both saves time and increases security.

The Off-Line Laser Check Signer Answer for an Affordable Security Solution

Keeping expenditures under control is a primary concern when growing a business, but when it comes to managing payments and payroll, cutting corners can cost you money. If company checks fall into the wrong hands, results can be disastrous.

Business owners sometimes mistakenly believe that automated check-signing technology is too expensive for their growing businesses. The Wycom WySign USB laser check signer is an affordable security solution that fits well into a young company’s budget.

Unlike more expensive check signing machines that both print checks and automatically sign them, off-line check signers apply a signature to checks printed by your company’s accounting software “after” they have been printed. This actually can increase security by dividing the check printing and check signing process. Protected by a secure password, Wycom WySign USB laser check signer is a cost-effective way to speed up the check signing process without compromising security.

Easy Operation with the Wycom WySign USB Check Signer

Wycom WySign USB software features a simple, three-step operation to facilitate the check-signing process. After printing checks with your accounting software, you reload the checks back into your laser printer. You then sign into the software with your secure log-in name and password, and then enter the number of checks that you wish to be signed.

The Wycom WySign USB system keeps tallies of every check signed and the user name of the person who issued the check signing. Wycom WySign USB also records the time and date of the check signing. You’ll be provided with a complete and detailed audit trail to protect your business now and in the future.

With Wycom WySign USB, you have the option to choose from a variety of backgrounds, graphics and watermarks to enhance the security of the checks. You can assign as many users and signature to the program as you like. You can use the software to sign important documents as well.

Enhancing Your Company’s Profile with an Off-Line Laser Check Signer

The checks that you issue using Wycom WySign USB look polished and professional, enhancing your company’s profile. Every time that you present a check, you’ll be sending a clear message that your business is established and reputable.

Although most business owners would agree that it’s a mistake to sacrifice security for expedience, in the day-to-day rush to build up a business, it’s easy to overlook security concerns. Adding security to your business with an affordable off-line laser check signer, Wycom WySign USB is an effective, time-saving way to help your business grow.

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has the equipment you need to manage your office easily and efficiently.  Visit to find what you need in office equipment at affordable pricing.


Dec 4

3 Great Reasons to Invest in a Check Signer

December 4th, 2012 by

In the average business or workplace, checks are the common form of currency. They may be used to pay suppliers or to pay employees, and some businesses can write hundreds or even thousands of checks at a time. Since writing and signing all of these checks can become time-consuming and even lead to mistakes or fatigue, a smarter idea is to invest in a professional grade on-line check signer.

These check signing devices are able to sign of any size and variety in order to speed up business productivity, can stop wasting the time of talented and in-demand staff, may reduce the chance of forgery or company theft and can keep payment records digitally streamlined and secure. Read on to learn about the three major benefits of investing in a check signer.

Speed Up Business Productivity

In any business, time is money. To the best way to continue to make money and to increase your profits is to find ways to increase business productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Unfortunately, signing checks can be a long and drawn out procedure. Before signing each check, the information needs to be double-checked, and staff needs to keep track of each item. Investing in for your business can begin to improve efficiency right away, saving your company money in the long run.

Reduce the Chance of Forgery

One of the biggest problems within any large company is the risk of forgery or fraud. When checks are being signed by multiple people, who can alter their handwriting slightly with the signing of each check, you are simply providing employees and individuals the opportunity to forge a signature on any check.

Since this is a risk that business executives should not be willing to take, on-line check signers-Wycom is a smart choice. With this check signer, each signature will look exactly the same as the one prior. This simple product can make it incredibly easy to spot forgery and will discourage past or present employees from writing fraudulent checks.

To protect your company finances, a check signer is a great option. In addition, with the installation of a Wycom Premier Check Signer you insure that no check is signed without activating the Premier with physical keys and printing the check from your accounting system. Also many check signers also provide a graphically enhanced amount line to prevent amount alterations and security backgrounds with the signatures.

Protected Amount



Electronic Signature


Avoid Wasting Time of Top Executives of Staff

In a typical company, the people who are allowed to sign checks are the top board members, executives or department heads Although this makes sense in order to avoid fraud and to eliminate the need for lower-level employees to make significant financial decisions, it also takes up a lot of time for upper-level management. Since the time of these men and women is typically the most valuable, it makes sense to invest in a device that can save their time.

Check signers will free up the time of company leaders who typically sign checks for the business. Today’s accounting packages can provide detailed reporting of all processed checks, the signing of the check is just a step that is best automated!

Visit and locate the perfect check signer for your needs. Increase your productivity with quality products from Progressive Business Systems.


Sep 25

Enhance Security and Save Time with the Wycom Laser Check Printing System

September 25th, 2012 by

Wycom Check PrinterYou are trying to run a successful business and automating key areas can make that happen. While you recognize the importance of introducing more automation to assembly lines and receiving departments, you can also automate aspects of your accounting operation. The Wycom Premier Laser Check Printing System is designed to simplify the task of printing checks, make reconciliations easier, provide tighter control, all while improving security and saving time.

Eliminate the Time Consuming Process of Printing Checks

With pre-printed checks, you have several chores waiting for you on payday or when it’s time to pay the vendors. Someone has to retrieve the checks from locked storage, and they have to be properly lined up in the printer. Failure to line them up right will result in wasted checks and time.

Once the checks are run, they have to be turned over to the appropriate manager for review and signatures. Even with a stamp, taking the time to sign every check is tedious. You have more important things to do with your time.

Automating this check printing process with a Wycom Laser Check Printing System provides several time-saving features. The person running the checks can activate the Wycom Premier and the checks will be printed onto secure blank check stock and signed in one operation. No misaligned checks, not checks printed with incorrect check numbers as can happen with pre-printed checks. The management team signing checks will now be free to continue focusing on income-generating tasks, so you can boost your bottom line.

Save Storage Space and Increase Check Security

A box of physical checks cannot just be put in the back storage room. It must be protected, and that means securing it in a special area. It might be a dedicated storage closet that can be locked, a file cabinet or another locked location. Regardless of where you store the blank checks, you are losing valuable storage space that could be used for something else.

The Wycom Laser Check Printing System requires very little space and it doesn’t have to be locked up tightly in a storage closet. Instead of saving space for pre-printed checks, you just need space for blank paper, and that won’t have to be secured, either. The system itself is secured with dual lock keys, so you can simplify the assignment of printing checks while maintaining security.

Additional Check Printing Security Features

You can increase your profit margins by eliminating shrinkage and theft wherever possible. When you invest in a Wycom Laser Check Printing System, you are making a choice that will provide you with extra security where your checks are concerned.  Without a stock of checks in a backroom, you won’t have to worry that someone might steal a check and have instant access to the bank account. These checks feature enhanced graphics that are harder to duplicate and impressive signature security features.

You can store everything you need for running checks in the Wycom Premier on an encrypted eprom. This includes signatures, company logos and check overlay forms. The system is secure, and that allows you to maintain tighter control over you checking system.  From blank secure check stock to a fully printed and signed check your Wycom Premier Laser Check Printing System is a one stop solution to secure automated laser check printing.

Visit to purchase the Wycom Laser Check Printing System and other top-quality office products.  Progressive Business Systems has the office products you need to run your organization more efficiently.



Sep 18

Choose Off-Line Check Signing Solutions for Efficient and Secure Check Signing

September 18th, 2012 by

Wycom WySignBusinesses are in need of fast, yet secure, check signing solutions. Companies and organizations handle this process in various ways. The first is known as “on-line” check signing. This process involves a device or software application that signs the check during the check printing process.

The other method is referenced as “off-line” check signing. In the case, as detailed further below, checks are printed and then signed in a separate operation. We will discuss how many companies use this method to handle check signing with speed and efficiency.

In some cases, checks are still handled manually and are given to another person to hand- sign or use a mechanical check signer to complete the check signing process. Manually signing checks can be a very tedious process that wastes valuable time which could be better used completing other tasks such as reviewing check payments. In some instances, companies may even use a rubber stamp which is a huge security risk and heavily discouraged by auditors.

Advanced Technology for Securely Signing Checks

Today’s advanced technology has produced varied and better options for securely signing your checks once they have been printed. These solutions can be software or software\hardware based. Most will not only sign the check but provide a full audit log, signature background, color signatures and selective user options.

One of the most popular solutions is the Wycom WySign Check Signer. This solution is secure, fast and offers numerous benefits to help executives keep their business operating at optimal levels.

Benefits of Off-Line Check Signing Solutions

1. Fast Check Signatures– These solutions are only limited by the speed of the printer that will be signing the checks. Large organizations can automatically sign checks in less than an hour in most instances. This significantly streamlines the process and helps business owners use their time for mission critical applications rather than printing payroll checks every week.

2. Secure Check Signing Processes – You have no engraved signature plate to be lost or stolen as all signatures are digitized and encrypted. Only authorized people who log into the software and\or have access to the hardware will have access to the signing process.

3. Secure Hardware Control – Wycom WySign uses a secure USB key to store the check signing software and signatures. Hardware design plus user login controls ensure a secure check signing operation.

4. Color Versatility – Clients who use color printers to sign the checks can take advantage of color signature and even add a color background to the signature.

5. Flexible Document Signing – Check signing solutions will not only sign checks for busy professionals, but the off-line check signing solutions can also sign other documents. Busy professionals most often sign documents such as purchase orders and form letters. This is extremely beneficial to those who need to disseminate hundreds to thousands of signed documents on a frequent basis.

6. Saves Time and Money – Companies save time and money with automated check signing solutions. When executives don’t have to take hours to sign checks, they save money and can spend their time focusing on other tasks that are mission critical.

Wycom Check Signing Solutions are Recommended for All Types of Businesses

Wycom check signing solutions are fast and improve each business’s productivity. Business owners without a check signing solution are wasting valuable time and money. The fatigue placed on a business person signing checks is tremendous. Carpel tunnel syndrome may become a problem and other conditions related to fatigue may become a problem.

Instead of signing checks, consider a check signing solution. If you require an “on-line” check signing solution that will sign the checks at the same time they are printed, Wycom offers the Wycom Premier Check Signer for those applications. In any event we can securely eliminate manual check signing and increase your efficiency.

Progressive Business Systems carries a variety of high-quality and affordable check signing solutions, including the Wycom WySign. Visit to find the office products and supplies you need.