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Jul 16

Paper Cutters: Value of the Cutting Edge

July 16th, 2013 by

Paper CutterFor all your paper trimming and cutting needs of any size papers or card stock, the ultimate in quality and long-lasting paper cutters are available. These are powerful pieces of equipment that are built to last and designed for endless use.

No matter what kind of projects you handle on a regular basis, you do not have to cut on small or inaccurate cutter equipment. Instead, you can find a piece of commercial equipment that is top-of-the-line and perfect for your applications. See a range of paper cutters by clicking here.

Convenient Sizing and Trimming

Tabletop trimmers and industrial, programmable paper cutters help you complete your fliers and promotional cards as well as a wide-range of custom sizes of booklets and single sheets. For the infrequent assignments or the daily custom-sized bulletins and promotional cards, you can find cutter equipment that meets the needs of your business.

Paying an outside source to size and trim the paper products that you require is fine for the occasional job, but any application that you handle on a regular basis will cost your company much money that could be saved if you prepared your own materials. Meanwhile, doing your own sizing and trimming will not consume much of your time and resources if you have the right equipment for convenient and efficient work.

Paper Cutter Features

Different cutter units offer different features, and you can select the one best suited for your office by comparing your application needs with the features of the individual paper cutters. Some machines are powered with hydraulic systems. Tabletop models have alignment guides and are hand-powered. Automatic and semiautomatic units process large and small tasks with ease. All are equipped with safety features to avoid accidents. Nothing should be cut except the paper products that are intended for slicing and trimming.

Quality Results When Making Paper Cuts

In addition, you want the products and materials that leave your office and business to be top quality. The entire surface of the business cards or flyers must be attractive and offer a clean and attractive presentation. The quality cutting that you desire is possible with the proper paper cutters for making those cuts for your custom work.

Quality work speaks volumes for your business. Everywhere printed materials from your company travel, your business goes with them. Quality results for your designs and hard work are essential.

Precision Paper Trimming and the Cutting Edge

Precision and presentation are definitely important. One of the best ways to accomplish this high-end look is to remember that the edges framing the information on the sheet or the brochure shift the eyes inward. The cutting edge needs a sharp look and a correct margin. Crooked cutting and lopsided margins ruin the presentation almost completely. The right paper cutters for the job make a significant difference in the appearance of the completed product.

Precision and quality speak volumes for or against you and your business. Maintaining and growing your business means that the smallest details are carefully tended. Each sheet and brochure that leaves your doors gives you the opportunity to impress and keep your business on the cutting edge of your niche in the world market, and a quality cutter for your custom printed materials helps get you where you want to go.


Jul 11

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Equipment

July 11th, 2013 by

In a typical office environment, there are dozens or even hundreds of items that help employees complete their daily tasks. From pencil sharpeners to paper shredders, each piece of office equipment has a distinct purpose, and many of these items are now a staple in any workplace.

Here are some of the top tips for choosing what items of office equipment are necessary in your company or place of business.

Price and Company Budget for Office Expenditures

For many people, the first factor that influences their decision regarding office equipment will be price. If you are on a limited budget, then buying top-of-the-line conference calling devices for the once-a-month call with headquarters might be a waste of money. Perhaps a better way to spend that money is on headsets for employees to use on a daily basis.

The first step should be to prioritize your equipment needs. This will help in allocating available funds on those items needed most.

Usage and Specificity When It Comes to Office Equipment

Remember that every office is different, and all employees have different needs. Different departments within an office also have specific needs. While you may need a fax machine because you send faxes every hour, someone else might only send occasional faxes and be fine relying on Internet fax capabilities.

Think carefully about what your office will require on a regular basis. If you write hundreds of checks to suppliers daily, then check signing software will be key. If you ask employees to digitize physical documents regularly, then scanners are a necessity.

Environmental Friendliness

For many workplaces, environmental friendliness is also a big priority. Some companies have a green initiatives they want to promote, and others simply want to keep their energy usage as low as possible.

Pay attention to the way that certain items are made, and also think about how efficiently they run. ENERGY STAR rates and ranks office equipment so that you can easily check the score of any items you plan on purchasing in the future.

Office Equipment Training

Something that many people forget about is how easy or difficult the equipment will be to use. It seems some equipment requires an advanced degree in order to operate while other pieces are easy to use. Consider staff training requirements that will be required for your office equipment choices.

Replacing an old copier with an identical version often means there is little training required. Newer, more sophisticated equipment will require more training time among staff members. The key is to balance the quality and efficiency of the machine with the amount of time and energy it will take to train employees in its use.

Supplies, Upgrades and Repairs Necessary to Maintain Equipment

The final tip for choosing office equipment is to think about how much time and money will be required for equipment upkeep and maintenance. A computer, for example, is a mainstay in many office settings. However, it needs software updates, IT professionals to troubleshoot issues and even repairs on occasion. Since it is so valuable, however, the pros outweigh the cons.

Consider what will be necessary to maintain equipment over the life expectancy of each piece of equipment. Give some thought to all things required to keep your office equipment in good, operating condition.

Having the right equipment in your workplace can make tasks seem simpler for you and your employees. These tips can ensure that you know how to find and select the best office equipment for your business.


Jul 4

Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

July 4th, 2013 by

Energy Efficient OfficeOne of the biggest expenses for offices, whether a small office at home or a large commercial property, is that of energy. From the light fixtures to the computers, energy is required constantly in order to keep the workplace going.

In order to create an environmentally-friendly workspace, it helps to start with energy-efficient office equipment. These tips cover everything from selecting energy-efficient products to using them properly in order to cut down on your electricity bills.

Look For Office Equipment That Offers Sleep or Power-Down Modes

There is a common misconception that turning your devices off and then on again uses more energy than simply leaving them on continuously. That is actually not true in almost every case.

When shopping for equipment with an increased capacity of energy savings, focus on printers, copiers, computers and other items that have sleep modes or power-down modes. With these features, if a device is not used for a predetermined amount of time, perhaps 15 minutes or a full hour, then it will shut down automatically and stop consuming energy.

Seek Out ENERGY STAR Products

One of the easiest ways to find out if a particular piece of office equipment is energy efficient is to look for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR is a government organization that rates products based on how much energy they use, how efficient they are and how much energy their accessories use.

On average, ENERGY STAR-labeled office equipment will use anywhere from 30 to 75 percent less energy than traditional products. This can equate to significant savings over time.

Look For Battery-Powered Devices That Can Use Rechargeable Batteries

Many products for the office rely on batteries for power rather than electricity directly from an outlet. If you have any such products in your workplace, or if you are planning to buy any in the future, select devices that run on rechargeable batteries. This prevents batteries from winding up in landfills, and it can also save you money after just a few months.

Choose Laptop Rather than Desktop Computers

Computers are one of the ubiquitous devices that you can find in most offices around the world. While they are a vital piece of office equipment, they are also a big user of energy.

To reduce a significant amount of energy consumption, consider the switch to laptops which can use up to 90 percent less energy than their desktop counterparts. This one change alone can mean savings with reduced electricity bills.

Weed Out “Vampire” Office Equipment

This funny term refers to the devices that draw power even when they are completely turned off. Vampire power means that although these devices may be off, if they are plugged in then they will be using a small amount of energy constantly. Remember when we talked about standby mode? Well that can also be known as vampire mode.

Equipment items that can carry a vampire power load include computers, DVR players, refrigerators, etc. Be sure to carefully read the owner’s manual of a particular product to find out if it operates in standby mode.

Choosing energy-efficient office equipment is important for a number of reasons. It is better for the planet, it can help your company’s green image and it can also reduce energy bills for the office.


Jan 31

Folder Inserters are Production Champions for Your Business

January 31st, 2013 by

Folder InsertersThose who do regular mass mailings can say goodbye to manual folding and envelope stuffing thousands of pages. For important mailings, the incredible automatic folder inserters are exceeding production levels and are soaring the output in mail departments. You can invest in one of these time-saving machines for your mail department, choosing the style and capabilities that fit your business mail and brochure preparation needs.

Hands-Free Mailers and Brochures

Although some people are extremely proficient with folding and inserting pages into envelopes, these automatic units can speed up the process and save valuable time. Usually, the machines increase output significantly with much less effort. Folder inserters that fit on the desk or those that are stand alone have the capabilities to complete folding and inserting jobs in record time.

Not only will current levels be reached, you can plan more projects and accomplish more with less manpower. The result is more client orders or more business promotion brochures. Payroll and other routine tasks are done in a flash, and other tasks can be completed in the same time it used to take to put the payroll checks into envelopes. The office or mail department efficiency is directly influenced by the use of the convenient machine that does volume folding and inserting.

Efficient Solutions for You

For successfully completing production quotas and meeting deadlines, the folder inserters offer solutions. Up to 24 different settings are stored at one time for easy switching between jobs without programming. Feeder towers and multiple interchanging feeders are extremely useful for customizing. Additionally, speeds are impressive such as over 5,000 items each hour.

Different options are available according to your particular needs. Accessories include such practical features as high speed feeders for envelopes, stackers that are vertical and kits for inverting. These practical machines immediately save you money and handle all your statements, invoices and other mailers. You have high performers you can count on.

Desktop and Standalone Options

Now, folder inserters come in many sizes and have options that fit your office and the particular needs of your business. While the massive performers are the stand-alone models, those desktop units are compact and warhorses at the same time. They will fold up to around 900 pieces in an hour. They are portable and space saving while saving time and money.

Of course, all units function dependably and put out those quality and impressive looking folding and stuffing jobs on a variety of different sizes of paper and envelopes. Simple to learn and run, these machines are office and mail room dream machines.

Your Own Production Champions

The process is amazingly simple. Users load materials and press the appropriate buttons on the folder inserters, and the task is accomplished. Consequently, mailing more frequently is possible, and impressing and carrying your clients and customers is much easier.

The key to a great folder inserter solution is qualifying your needs correctly and then matching those needs with the proper solution!

Your business will look great on paper with professional materials at economical prices. Saving big and selling your product and business in a huge way can happen. Overall, dependability and flexibility in performance and function are the design features of these production champions.

Visit to find the perfect folder inserter for your needs. You’ll also see all the other fantastic office equipment offered by Progressive Business Systems at pricing you can afford.


Oct 16

How Time and Numbering Stamps Help you Increase Profits

October 16th, 2012 by

Time StampPeople make mistakes, and those mistakes will cost you money as a business owner. In addition to honest mistakes, some people intentionally choose to falsify information, and that’s a serious problem.

When you are running a business, you need to accurately track time, receipt of correspondence, employee hours worked and a range of other information. With time and numbering stamps, you will make the record-keeping easy to help reduce expenses, cut back on fraud and increase profits.

Ensure Perfect Payroll Records with Time and Numbering Stamps

You want to think that your employees are all honest and wouldn’t steal so much as a paper clip, but this isn’t always the case. If you have an employee coming in fifteen minutes late and writing down that they were on time, then you are losing money every day. Even a few minutes lost due to variances in watched can add up when taken across all employees throughout the year. With electronic stamps, everyone will follow the same time and the machine accurately marks time. They won’t be able to come in late and mark themselves for a different time, and that helps you save money.

Reduce Liability by Properly Recording Time and Date

When dealing with time-sensitive information, you have to be able to clearly show when documents were handled, tests were run or other work was performed. With a time stamp, there is no question about when important papers arrived at your company or when hospital lab tests were run. It’s an easy and effective way to reduce your overall liability where time-sensitive information is concerned.

Ease Record-Keeping and Stay Legal

If you are in the service business, then you probably bill your clients based on how many hours you work. Keeping track of those hours is vital and can be a lifesaver if you are ever audited. Set your customer’s minds at ease and ensure accurate record-keeping by using time and numbering stamps. You can stamp the clients portfolio and stamp any associated records easily and quickly to ensure that everything is accurate and you are above reproach.

Keeping Track of the Order

When dealing with incoming bids and orders, it can be hard to keep track of what came in first. There are countless methods you can use to create a line and work in the proper order, but what do you do if your careful files are knocked over? With time and numbering stamps, getting them back in the right order won’t be a problem. It helps you keep everything organized, so you can ensure that your customers are all taken care of in the proper order and a timely manner.

Time and numbering stamps are an affordable and effective way to improve payroll, encourage honesty and help keep everything properly ordered. They remove any variances between different people’s watches, and they make it easy to track information and shield yourself from liability on time-sensitive issues. Useful in the mail room and in every department, these simple tools will help you reduce waste and increase business profits.

Progressive Business Systems can help you increase your profits with improved efficiency by using the right time and numbering equipment for your office.  Get the right office equipment for your needs at great pricing by visiting


Oct 11

A Winning Paper Folder for Quality Presentations

October 11th, 2012 by

Paper FolderWhen you have a high performance paper folder in your office, you and your employees no longer need to hand fold. These useful pieces of equipment are a real boost to production for your brochures, mailers and more.

By adding one of these automatic folders to your business in the department where your printed material is folded, you can boost production in that department significantly. Of course, choosing the unit that has the capabilities and features that meet the needs of your particular business is important for ultimate use and production.

Professional Printed Materials

You and some of your staff members may be exceptional manual folders, but automatic folders offer a hands-free option that saves time and labor. The labor intensive hand folding can be a thing of the past for you. Different models of folders provide the right combination of features for your business. Finding one for your applications will soon see that your volume folding tasks are completed amazingly fast.

Consequently, production will far surpass what has been accomplished in the past. You and your team can plan for more output. Whether the printed material is for promotion and exposure or for your customers, you can take on more volume and complete it in less time than ever before. The new tasks are done in a flash. Soon it becomes apparent that a paper folder makes a phenomenal difference in the efficiency and growth of your business.

Solutions for High Volume

For those business deadlines and for the volume folding of your cards and flyers, a paper folder can pull the load. Hundreds of pieces are folded per minute. Faster and slower models are available, but all are built to work hard. These work horse machines are designed to handle large and small jobs including complex and multi-folds. When you select the machine that you need, you will have a high-functioning folding unit that makes your daily work so much easier.

The Right Equipment

When you find the right equipment, you and your production team can organize the work to highest efficiency and depend on the quality machines that help get the daily tasks done. Boosting production and using the types of machines that will best help you achieve your workload goals is what projects your business onward toward the top.

Many paper folders offer simple and programmable functions that make them very user friendly. Learning how to run the paper folder and configure the settings for your printed materials can be a quick and simple process. Many paper folders have the ability to retain job settings so that each job can be quickly selected to repeat large volume folding runs.

The Winners are in Your Court

Putting together a group of professionals that run your business smoothly is essential to your success, but having the right equipment to do the work as it should be done helps you on the road to success as well. Professional quality folds on your printed materials draw the eyes to the subject of the page, card or brochure.

Creating professional flyers and more as needed for your business says a lot about you and what your business offers. Therefore, a quality paper folder is a winner in your office that will help you produce professional material that does impress.

Find the right paper folder for your needs at Progressive Business Systems.  Optimize your office efficiency and productivity with the right office products.  Visit to securely purchase your office equipment and supplies.


Sep 27

Check Encoding Supplies – Process Checks, Make More Money

September 27th, 2012 by

Check EncoderIn an economy so dependent on cash and money flow as well as the exchange of business, being able to facilitate that flow is vital.  In terms of processing payments and transactions, many different people and pieces are involved. And, each system is verified through a certain set of steps and standards.

A practice in place to maintain accurate and appropriate transactions involving checks is that of check encoding. Encoding of a check is a technique of processing that prints a unique, computer-readable number on the check to represent the amount of the check.The Federal Reserve banking system can then process and follow each transaction to monitor business dealings and economic processes.

While banks typically complete this process, direct marketers can also encode checks with the appropriate check encoder supplies to save costs on having the bank encode the checks. As with any legal process, the appropriate materials and supplies are a must to ensure proper processing.

Encoding Machines

Obviously the most important consideration for check encoding is the actual coding machine itself. Basically two types of encoders are available on the market: financial and retail.

Financial Encoder—Financial encoders are specifically made for financial institutions. These are designed to facilitate both the processing and encoding of exception items upon entrance into the financial system as well as batch or proof processing of multiple items at a time.

Constructed to save time, cut costs, and improve service, financial encoders also have the capability to process checks individually and in specified ways as per the institutions needs. Most encoders can even be programmed to compile and render a cash flow management report at the end of the day (or on demand).

Retail Encoder—Retail encoders are developed to facilitate the needs of specific retail businesses and merchants. These encoders are equipped as mechanisms for retail batches and cash settlements, enabling individual businesses to settle the cash drawer and prepare the daily deposit quickly and easily.

Designed to process all media types including cash, checks, credit card purchases, gift certificates, and coupons, this type of encoder not only serves the purpose of encoding checks, it also calculates the day’s total and produces a cash-media report. Retail encoders save both time and money by enabling businesses to speed the process of cash flow and reduce bank fees for encoding.

Check Encoding Ink and Cartridges

Of course to encode a check some sort of printing mechanism and ink must be used. Whether using a financial or a retail encoder, the cartridges are the same. Encoders typically use a ribbon cartridge system that rotates the printing ribbon through the encoder as the check is passed through, imprinting the encoding on the back of the check. Nonetheless, other systems are available depending on the specified encoder being used.

Other imaging supplies include ink rolls and ink cartridges all functioning on a system similar to that of the ribbon. Matching the encoder to the appropriate ink type is key for the best print quality, cartridge performance, and product life.

Caring for Your Check Encoder

As check encoder supplies and systems are likely to be used quite extensively, another supply consideration is that of cleaning. Check encoders can fairly easily be cleaned using cleaning cards. These quick and expensive cards are run through the encoding machine to remove ink, dust, and other contaminates to keep the encoder running like new. Maintaining proper cleaning practices of the encoder will help avoid unnecessary check rejections and timely re-keying of data.

While these three items are certainly not a comprehensive list of check encoder supplies, they serve as an introduction to the foundation of effective encoding practices. Once a company has its encoding practices defined, it can individually look into the endless possibilities of personalization and individualization for savings and profit expansion.

Find the right type of check encoder for your business at The staff at Progressive Business Systems will help you with all of your office equipment needs.

Aug 28

Importance of Banking Equipment Check Encoders

August 28th, 2012 by

Banking equipment is essential for the operations and maintenance of financial institutions. Financial institutions and banks rely upon specially designed machines such as electronic ATMs and check encoders to process a wide variety of financial transactions.

Schematics of Check Encoding

The process of using check encoders begins with the paper checks being seated in the machine’s steel guides. Sensors detect their presence and grippers hold them securely in place. The check is then transported through this banking equipment system consisting of a serrated and fixed polyurethane roller assembly.

Check encoding systems employ the type of security necessary to protect banks and consumers. Paper transport conveyors are software driven to position checks so that ink assemblies can deposit the identifying codes onto the paper with ribbons, ink cartridge or toner methods.

The hammer mechanisms that strike the paper result in uniform characters left on the paper check. This ensures that official markings are used to readily identify bank account holder information.

Streamlining Banking Operations

Banking equipment employs systems that allow bank tellers to process customer and other deposits and to cash valid checks. Based upon bank account and transit numbers, the markings appear at the bottom of each document leading directly to financial institutions that issue the checks.

Invented to facilitate and speed up transactions at every point of sale, including banks, check encoders have substantially increased paper check processing rates from approximately 1,200 to 1,400 transactions hourly, to more than an average of 3,400 check documents each hour.

Types of Check Encoders

When first introduced, check encoding machines were difficult to control and using them was unwieldy for most people. However, the newer models of this type of banking equipment include sophisticated advancements in technology.

The latest machines on the market feature personal pocket sized check encoders that use keypads resembling that of android and smart phones. Despite their size, they still handle the most complex of encoding tasks efficiently and quickly. The smaller machines make it easier for banking institutions to conduct business. This saves time spent on operation, making the system more productive.

MICR Technology Requirements

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) oversees the development of all banking equipment and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) to safeguard financial printing operations. The ANSI committee mandated precise standards and requirements for the MICR fonts, registration, toner strength, adhesion levels and paper grain.

The MICR line on checks is what allows information to be read automatically by check encoders. This is the only banking equipment method that allows bulk numbers of checks to be processed on a daily basis. Given that it is the only solution available, this makes it a critical system for all financial institutions.

Expediting Financial Transactions

The banking equipment technology of magnetic ink character recognition expedites financial transactions since the process allows for sharing information among multiple points. The ink is used to code paper checks while they advance over the rollers of check encoding machines.

For example, information can be shared between employees at points of sale, clearing houses and financial organizations. Components within check encoders are designed to interface with each other. However, each machine was developed as the result of a surprisingly substantial number of innovations and patents.

Encoders imprint checks through the latest MICR technology. Magnetic inks, imprint ribbons and toners are formulated using iron oxide to imbed characters into paper documents, so as to resist wear and processing.

Despite the numerous electronic methods available for financial transactions, banking equipment still requires check encoders to handle the numerous individualized paper documents received on a daily basis. This proprietary system protects both financial institutions and consumers when checks are negotiated.

Progressive Business Systems has check encoders tailored to your needs.  Enlist our help to find the equipment you need to increase the productivity of your business.